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Selection of Belgian artisanal drinks

Belgium is world famous for its chocolate, its beers, its waffles. But there is more …

Belgian Craft Drinks would like to present you some delicious Belgian-made soft drinks. Meet Simone a soif, Ferm and Ritchie! Belgian craft, natural ingredients and real taste.

The Belgians love their soft drinks. In 2018, we each consumed on average 124 liters per year which represents a can per person per day.

However, the soft drinks market in Belgium is almost completely monopolized by the American soft drink giants, therefore consumer choice is usually limited to the brands of these giants.

Recently, like in several European countries, Belgian consumers see more and more artisanal, natural soft drinks appearing in trendy catering establishments. Please meet our cool Belgian soft drinks: Ferm, Ritchie, Simone a Soif,…

With our national motto in mind “Unity makes Power”, they would like to propose www.BelgianCraftDrinks.be: a platform where all information about the better Belgian soft drinks can be found.

All brands on www.BelgianCraftDrinks.be are Belgian. The products are only made with natural ingredients. Each brand has its own unique story. 

The brands

Logo des Sodas Ritchie

The fifties…
…a time of fun and innocence. Brigitte Bardot, doo-wop, hulahoops and……Ritchie; delicious, home-style lemonade. Ritchie first appeared on the market in the 1950s and was originally made at the Tielemans brewery in Aarschot. In 1969 production moved to the Verlinden family brewery in Lubbeek. In 1979 production of Ritchie was stopped, the brewery was closed in the early 90s. Now, after a 22-year career as a marketer, Jan Verlinden decided to follow his heart and breathe new life into Ritchie, the favourite lemonade from his childhood, his family’s lemonade.
Ritchie lemonade is based on the original family recipe, but with a twist. It is a deliciously sparkling lemonade with 100% natural ingredients (without preservatives) and is sweetened with cane sugar.

Logo des boissons Rhubarbe + Lavande de Simone a Soif !

Simone does nothing like the others.Fruity aromatic water is the alternative to chemical sodas and sugary juices. It’s a drink composed of water, plant vapor (hydrolate) and real seasonal fruits and vegetables, not concentrates.

You won’t find any added sugars (don’t look for artificial sweeteners or stevia either), only sugar naturally present in the fruit. The result is surprising, a whole new drink: fresh, subtle with a natural low sugar level of less than 20kcal/100ml.

Logo of the Kombucha FERM.

Are you tired of looking for a healthy drink and ending up with bottles of water? Have you been thinking of starting that green tea habit for the past decade? Does your stomach turn at the thought of alcohol free beer? 

Well, we’re happy to put you out of your misery! 

Presenting a low caloric, fermented green and black tea called Ferm Kombucha. It’s tangy , sparkly & fruity flavours will blow, you, away. 

The drinks

The lemonades

The fruity waters
Simone a Soif !

The kombuchas

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